How/where can I see your collection of available print designs?

Our studio is based in Antwerp, Belgium, where you can come and consult the whole collection. 

It is of course possible to organize a meeting in your office or place of your convenience. 

We also provide the option of a video call. 

Do you show your collection at any textile fair?

No, in order to keep our collection fully exclusive, we prefer not to show the designs at any fair and focus on B2B client meetings.

How often do you present a new collection?

We produce 4 collections per year, with a vast diversity of prints in order to satisfy the needs of our various clients.

Are the designs sold in full exclusivity to the client?

Yes, absolutely. Every design is sold in full exclusivity, including all its colorways. Along with the high-resolution files of the design the client receives a certificate of authenticity and a document giving the permission for industrial worldwide use for an unlimited period of time. Once a design is sold, it’s taken out of our collection and is not being shown to any other clients anymore. 

Can you modify the design/colorways according to the client’s needs?

Yes, we provide the service of modification of the design and/or its colorways. We can also help you to create additional designs such as scarf placement, t-shirt placement, etc. 

There is an additional fee for this service, based on the complexity of the request. 

What is the price of one design?

Every design is presented and sold in full exclusivity with usually 5-8 colorways, with high-resolution files in repeat, and in most cases with color separation for easier color modification. The price of one “ready-to-use” design from our collection, with a certificate for industrial use for the worldwide territory for an unlimited period starts at 800€.

Can you do a custom design for a client, based on the client’s briefing/moodboard?

Yes, we do provide this service, when our work capacities allow us to do so. 

The price of this service starts at 1300€ per design and includes the creation of a design with 2 client revisions and up to 15 bespoke colorways. 

How do you deliver the files?

After the payment of the design, the client receives the sample hanger of the print and its colorways, along with 300dpi RGB files with color-separated files, in repeat, in.TIFF file format. 

Can you follow up on the sampling/development of the printed fabrics for us?

We can gladly follow up the whole sampling process with the printing mill of your choice or with one of our partnered printing mills in Italy and France. 

Can you provide material for “making of the design” for social media use?

For most of the designs, it is possible to create photos or short videos of the process of creation of the design.